A brand new “Pledge” campaign for season 2017-2018 which has been set up by supporter Owen Brown to help boost the playing budget.

Some of the “pledges” made so far include £5 for every cup win for the first team, £5 for every clean sheet and £10 for any first team hat-trick scored in the league.

Get involved and send your “pledge” by email to or via Twitter to @DTFCPledge.

How it Works
The basis of the “Pledge” drive is that supporters pledge money on certain events happening during a game. After the match is over, any money that needs to be collected in will be collected and then paid directly into the playing budget. Pledges can be given over twitter to: @DTFCPledge, email to: or in person on a matchday.

For example, a supporter may pledge “£1 for every goal scored by the Magpies in any one game” or “£5 for every penalty saved” or any other events occurring during a match.

Pledges will be due on the first of each month and supporters who made pledges will be contacted and given a link to a PayPal button where they can pay the amount needed. This money can also be collected in cash in the bar when due.

Once a month a prize draw will be held, with every £1 pledged over that calendar month (rounding down) amounting to one “ticket” in the draw.