Fixtures & Results Evo-Stik Southern Premier League South 2018/19

Sat Jul 043:00pmASaltash UnitedFriendly0275View
Tue Jul 177:45pmAPortland UnitedFriendly13190View
Fri Jul 207:30pmHPlymouth Argyle X1Friendly00285View
Tue Jul 247:45pmHYeovil TownFriendly02606View
Sat Jul 283:00pmHTorquay UnitedFriendly02348View
Wed Aug 017:45pmAWinchester CityFriendly51View
Sat Aug 113:00pmHMetropolitan PoliceLeague01375View
Tue Aug 147:45pmAWimborne TownLeague24535View
Sat Aug 183:00pmASalisburyLeague30669View
Sat Aug 253:00pmHKings LangleyLeague22358View
Mon Aug 271:00pmAWeymouthLeague501832View
Sat Sep 013:00pmHHartley WintneyLeague21306View
Sat Sep 083:00pmAWimborne TownFA Cup 1Q11523View
Tue Sep 117:45pmHWimborne TownFA Cup 1Q (R)30476View
Sat Sep 153:00pmABeaconsfield TownLeague2290View
Sat Sep 223:00pmATiverton TownFA Cup 2Q20307View
Sat Sep 293:00pmHHendonLeague03443View
Tue Oct 027:45pmHPoole TownLeague Cup11 (2-4 (Pens)227View
Sat Oct 063:00pmABasingstoke TownLeague12331View
Sat Oct 133:00pmHWalton CasualsLeague11367View
Tue Oct 167:45pmHTaunton TownLeague12334View
Sat Oct 203:00pmAHarrow BoroughLeague41132View
Sat Oct 273:00pmAYate TownFA Trophy 1Q11175View
Tue Oct 307:45pmHYate TownFA Trophy 1QR20207View
Sat Nov 033:00pmHMerthyr TownLeague00459View
Sat Nov 103:00pmHAFC TottonFA Trophy 2Q31285View
Sat Nov 173:00pmHChesham UnitedLeague05398View
Sat Nov 243:00pmHHungerford TownFA Trophy 3Q10258View
Tue Nov 277:45pmAFrome TownLeague01148View
Tue Dec 047:45pmAWeymouthDSC22 (3-1 (Pens)407
Sat Dec 083:00pmAGosport BoroughLeague14181View
Tue Dec 117:45pmAStaines TownLeague16107View
Sat Dec 153:00pmAEastbourne BoroughFA Trophy 1R
Tue Dec 187:45pmHSwindon SupermarineLeague
Sat Dec 223:00pmAMetropolitan PoliceLeague
Wed Dec 263:00pmHWeymouthLeague
Sat Dec 293:00pmHWimborne TownLeague
Tue Jan 013:00pmATiverton TownLeague
Sat Jan 053:00pmATaunton TownLeague
Tue Jan 087:45pmAPoole TownLeague
Sat Jan 123:00pmHFrome TownLeague
Tue Jan 157:45pmHFarnboroughLeague
Sat Jan 193:00pmAChesham UnitedLeague
Sat Jan 263:00pmHPoole TownLeague
Sat Feb 023:00pmAMerthyr TownLeague
Sat Feb 093:00pmHHarrow BoroughLeague
Sat Feb 163:00pmHStaines TownLeague
Sat Feb 233:00pmASwindon SupermarineLeague
Sat Mar 023:00pmHGosport BoroughLeague
Sat Mar 093:00pmAFarnboroughLeague
Sat Mar 163:00pmHBasingstoke TownLeague
Sat Mar 233:00pmAWalton CasualsLeague
Sat Mar 303:00pmHBeaconsfield TownLeague
Sat Apr 063:00pmAHendonLeague
Sat Apr 133:00pmHSalisburyLeague
Sat Apr 203:00pmAKings LangleyLeague
Mon Apr 223:00pmHTiverton TownLeague
Sat Apr 273:00pmAHartley WintneyLeague

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