The Dorchester Town FC Supporters Club

Dorchester Town Football Supporters’ Club is a not-for-profit organisation that has been at the heart of our club for over seventy years, raising thousands of pounds for the Magpies during that time. Whilst our history and tradition has served us well, we hope to build on our past achievements and look forward to the future as a community club, with the aim of strengthening the bonds between the football club, its supporters and the community we all belong to.

Our Ambitions

To consolidate existing fundraising opportunities with fresh new ideas.

To organise affordable travel to any away game that has sufficient demand.

To liaise with the board of directors on issues of interest or concern to Magpies fans via a nominated director.

To liaise with other community groups with a view to mutual benefit.

What We Need

We need new members who are willing to be active in driving the Supporters’ Club forward to help to shape the Magpies future, both on and off the pitch. Fans are the heart and soul of every club with vast amounts of knowledge, ideas and creativity that can be invaluable and we would welcome committed people with a fresh approach. Please contact us at if you would like to share your ideas.

Membership Costs

We want DTFSC to be affordable for all supporters of the Magpies and so the annual membership fee is just £5.00 , whilst a five year membership is £20.00

You can join by downloading a membership application form (below) or obtaining one from the Magpies Suite on a match day. Membership entitles you to voting rights at the AGM, eligibility for nomination to the management committee and /or an officer post and discounted travel to away matches.

By joining the Supporters’ Club, you will contribute directly to our work in promoting greater supporter involvement in the football club we all love.

To become a member now simply download, print and return your application to the address at the bottom of the form, together with a cheque payable to Dorchester Town Football Supporters Club.

Please download the Dorchester Town FC Supporters Club Membership Application Form

Thank you for your support and Up The Magpies.