The Dorchester Town FC Supporters Club – Established 1947The Dorchester Town FC Supporters Club

Dorchester Town Football Supporters Club is a not-for-profit organisation. We believe that we fans really are the heart and soul of the football club, and as such we should be working with the board of directors to help our club move forwards.

Whilst we have a huge amount of respect for the director’s, we feel it unfair to solely rely on them to continue the development of Dorchester Town FC. We fans have vast amounts of knowledge, creativity and passion, that is invaluble to our club. We believe we must work with them, if we want to achieve the success that our history and tradition deserve.

What are DTFSC’s ambitions?

Here is a selection of ambitions, that we feel are paramount to the Supporters’ Club’s progress in future years.
• To strengthen bonds between club and the community it serves.
•To consolidate existing fundraising opportunites with fresh new idea’s.
•To organise affordable travel to any away game that has sufficient demand.
•To host social events with the intention of uniting all DTFC supporters and creating a real community of like minded supporters.

How much will it cost?

We want DTFSC to be available to all supporters of the Magpies, no matter of age or location.

To do this we will set an affordable annual membership fee of just £5.00 per year or £20 for a 5 year membership.

You can join by either attending one of our monthly meetings held every second Wednesday of the month at the Avenue Stadium, or by downloading a membership application form (below).

What do I get for my money?

The Supporters’ Club regularly liases with the Board of Director’s and works alongside them in helping our club progress. As an active member of the Supporters’ Club, you have the opportunity to help our club grow, and be a major part of the Magpie’s future.

Additional benefits include discounted travel to away matches, thanks to our friends at Town Travel.

How have Supporters’ Club made a difference?

•DTFSC have raised thousands of pounds for our football club.
•Regularly introduce new initiatives to improve the supporters match day experience.
•We regularly liase with the board of directors, working with them to improve our club.
•We have made great inroads in closing the ‘gap’ between the fans and the club.
•Have began to re-introduce a sense of pride in the history of our club, and establishing a sense of tradition that once graced our club.

Join Dorchester Town Football Supporters Club today for as little as £5 per annum

If you haven’t already done so, please join today. By joining the Supporters’ Club, you contribute directly to our work in promoting greater supporter involvement in the football club we all love.
To become a member simply download, print and return our application form – to save to your PC please click your right mouse button over the link and choose “Save Target As…”, once downloaded you can open and print the document.

Click to download 1 year Membership Application Form (PDF Format)

Click to download 5 year Membership Application Form (PDF Format)

Membership is JUST £5 per year or £20 for 5 years. Please make cheques payable to Dorchester Town Football Supporters Club.

Thank you for your support.