Notice is hereby given that the third Annual General Meeting of Dorchester Town Community Football Club Limited (DTCFC) will take place in the lounge bar at the Avenue Stadium on Wednesday 26th July 2017 from 7:00pm. Entry to this meeting will only be granted to current and fully paid up CBS Members. This policy will be strictly enforced

In preparation for this meeting, the arrangements for the election of Board Members have now commenced. The DTCFC Board comprises of up to 12 elected places. The Club Board may co-opt external Directors to the Club Board in addition to the number of Directors specified in the Rules provided that at all times the total number of external directors and Members co-opted shall be in the minority.

On behalf of the Board we are inviting nominations to fill up to 5 (Five) positions. The normal term of office as a board member is 3 years.

If more than 5 (Five) valid nominations are received there will be a ballot of all members. If there are 5 (Five) or fewer nominations, then each valid nomination will be subject to a vote by the AGM to confirm support for that person as a Board Member.

If you would like to be nominated, please complete a nomination form and return by Wednesday 12th July 2017

At the point of nomination, both the candidate and person nominating them must be 16 years and over and current CBS Members of DTCFC. Potential candidates who have difficulty obtaining nomination or any other queries should contact us for advice. In all matters relating to the election, the EMG (Election Management Group) ruling as the Independent Election Supervisors will be final.

Current Board members standing down this term due to the 3 year rotational process/Rule 63 will be: David Martin, David Read & David Ring. David Barrow, having been co-opted during the year, seeks election to the Board

If you have the Skills ambition and the drive to move this club forward then please consider putting yourself forward, you can really make a difference!

Completed nomination forms should be sent to: The Secretary, Dorchester Town Football Club, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester, Dorset. DT1 2RY or emailed to:

By order of the Board

David Martin
Company Secretary



Minutes of the 2nd AGM July 2016

Nomination Form

Election Policy

Board Membership and Conduct Policy

Standing Orders for General Meetings

Standing Orders for Society Board Meetings

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