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Dorchester Lottery | March 2020 Results

Congratulations to J Pinder from Dorchester who wins the top first prize of £500 in the March 2020 Dorchester Lottery Draw in association with Fortuneswell Cancer Trust.

The second prize of £75 goes to J Edwards from Dorchester and the third prize of £25 goes to M Greenslade from Bristol.


Join today as a regular member by Standing Order which costs £5 a month and ensures you never miss a draw.

See the Dorchester Lottery website for more details including how you can play here: www.thedorchesterlottery.co.uk.

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus outbreak, the organisers of The Dorcester Lottery has confirmed this will be the last time that the current monthly prize fund can be offered for the foreseeable future as some agents can no longer do their rounds to collect subscriptions etc.

What has been agreed is to continue the monthly draw but only for those who are paying by standing order and for those who are currently in credit.

As a result, the prize fund for the April 2020 draw is currently estimated to be: 1st prize – £125 and 2nd prize – £30 only, with a £25 donation to the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust.

Plans are being put in place to restructure the current Dorchester Lottery process soon and more on this will be announced shortly.

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