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Andy Phillips appointed First Team Pitchside and Sports Massage Therapist

By: Sam Bernard | @SamBernard17

Dorchester Town Football Club are delighted to announce that Andy Phillips has been appointed as our new First Team Pitchside and Sports Massage Therapist.

Having spent two seasons working at Salisbury and more recently as part of the backroom team at Yeovil Town, Andy – who has 15 years of experience working in the industry as a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist, and strength and conditioning coach – also recently completed The FA Level 4 Intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football qualification over the summer.

Based in Ferndown, Andy has been working with The Magpies squad over the past few weeks since the FA Cup tie at Blackfield & Langley.

Speaking on joining The Magpies backroom team, Andy said: “I feel like I’ve fit in quite well. Cal has said that he had a good feeling about me and that I fit in with the team and with all the players too, and I’ve had good feedback from them.”

“The move here is an opportunity for me, and while it was a really good experience for me at Yeovil, I really just wanted to be in charge again so I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and obviously got a heads up about this role. Whereas at Yeovil I was working under people and had specific jobs I was doing, here I can do everything that I’ve built up over the years.”

“I had a really bad knee injury when I was 22 and haven’t been able to play since, so that’s how I got into dealing with injuries – I have also been running a gym for the past ten years, so I come more from a health and exercise background.”

“So far I’ve been enjoying it. We’ve got a few players back from a few little injuries as well and I’m getting to know the players and ones that I’m always hearing from already – players like Blairo who get stuck in, so when you’re someone as committed as he is you know you’re probably going to be seeing them quite regularly.”

“I’ve also been looking at doing nutritional plans for them all and recovery, so it’s a bit more in depth where I’ve got the knowledge from personal training but also from working at a professional football club too.”

“Football is my passion and I’ve definitely enjoyed the atmosphere around the dressing room and all the staff – people like Del who is one of the people that has been here for years, and you can tell that they are the type of people that nothing at the club would function without.”

Welcome Andy!

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