STATEMENT: Club Chairman Matt Lucas to step down at the next AGM


Dorchester Town Football Club can confirm that Chairman Matt Lucas has announced he will be stepping down from the role at the next AGM which takes place in the summer.

Speaking to members at the CBS meeting yesterday evening, Matt believes that now is the right time to pass over the reigns after five years as chairman.

Matt stated that it was one of his proudest moments when he became chairman in 2014, and that feeling has continued to this day.

The board of directors have been aware of Matt’s plan to step down for some time, however Matt felt it was important to announce the news now before the end of the season so that anyone from the fan base or anyone who may be interested in taking over the role can feel free to come forward and make their interest known to Matt or any other member of the board.

Matt has no intention of walking away from the club completely, and if it suits the club and the board of directors along with his successor he would very much like to remain on the board and continue to work hard for the club he loves.

Matt said he has had great support from his fellow directors, the management, team, volunteers and fans alike during his time as chairman.