The Chairman’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to this new blog.  It’s not something I’ve done before, but hope that it will keep everyone up to date with going’s on at the Club.  I’ve no idea how regular they will be, but we’ll see how it goes…

The reason for writing this is that I see so much positivity around the Club, great ideas and drive from so many people, that often go unseen.  So I thought I’d start telling you about it.  This is what, in my mind, the Club should be about – everyone getting involved.

Myself, Allen Knott, Annie Greenslade and Stacey Legge met with a number of youth players and parents Friday night.  The kids had some excellent ideas for ways that we could improve the Club, making it more accessible and family friendly.  They had ideas for half time entertainment, improved snack bar facilities, family area, and all sort of other things that will make the Club somewhere they really want to come and feel part of.  We’re considering these ideas and will be doing what we can to make them a reality.  These kids are a huge part of the future of our Club – future supporter’s, sponsors, or even in some instances players – we’ve got to get them on board.

This came on the back of a very successful Halloween night at the Club Thursday evening, with loads of youngsters coming down and enjoying themselves.  Thanks to Kate Taylor, Dave Read, Annie Greenslade and others for all their efforts in making that a great night.

Finally, today (Sunday 3rd November) and with weather permitting, we’ve got the ability counts team playing at the stadium.  Calvin Brooks and Shaun Hearn are doing fantastic work with these lads, and I’m sure they’ll get a lot of support – please go down and add your support if you can.

We’ve got plans for after dinner speaker nights, curry nights, music events, quizzes and loads more.  But as always, if anyone feels they can offer anything, or help in any way please let me know – this is very much all of ours club!

Up the Magpies!

Neal Butterworth