Fixtures & Results Evo-Stik League Southern Premier 2017/18

Mon Jul 107:30pmABradford TownFriendly0271Report
Fri Jul 147:45pmAMelksham TownFriendly23228Report
Fri Jul 217:30pmAPoole TownFriendly12Report
Tue Jul 257:45pmAPortland UnitedFriendly13243Report
Sat Jul 293:00pmHExeter CityFriendly16490Report
Mon Jul 317:45pmHBideford AFCFriendly12253Report
Fri Aug 47:45pmHEvesham UnitedFriendly14212Report
Sat Aug 123:00pmABanbury UnitedLeague51369Report
Mon Aug 147:45pmHBasingstoke TownLeague10469Report
Sat Aug 193:00pmHKing's Lynn TownLeague02371Report
Sat Aug 263:00pmARedditch UnitedLeague40241Report
Mon Aug 283:00pmHWeymouthLeague031,505Report
Sat 2 Sep3:00pmAAFC PortchesterFAC 1Q10391Report
Sat Sep 93:00pmASt. Neots TownLeague50178Report
Mon Sep 117:45pmHFrome TownLeague14349Report
Sat Sep 233:00pmADunstable TownLeagueReport
Wed Sep 277:45pmAFarnboroughLeagueReport
Mon Oct 27:45pmHSalsibury FCLeague CupReport
Sat Oct 73:00pmAHerefordLeagueReport
Mon Oct 97:45pmHGosport BoroughLeagueReport
Sat Oct 143:00pmHChesham UnitedLeagueReport
Tue Oct 177:45pmAKings LangleyLeagueReport
Sat Oct 213:00pmHBanbury UnitedLeagueReport
Tue Oct 247:45pmABasingstoke TownLeagueReport
Sat Oct 283:00pmHBasingstoke TownFAT 1QReport
Sat Nov 43:00pmHBiggleswade TownLeagueReport
Sat Nov 113:00pmASlough TownLeagueReport
Wed Nov 157:45pmAFrome TownLeagueReport
Sat Nov 183:00pmHKettering TownLeagueReport
Sat Nov 253:00pmAMerthyr TownLeagueReport
Mon Nov 277:45pmHFarnboroughLeagueReport
Sat Dec 23:00pmARoyston TownLeagueReport
Sat Dec 93:00pmHHitchin TownLeagueReport
Sat Dec 163:00pmHSt. Ives TownLeagueReport
Sat Dec 233:00pmABishops StortfordLeagueReport
Tue Dec 263:00pmAWeymouthLeagueReport
Mon Jan 13:00pmHTiverton TownLeagueReport
Sat Jan 63:00pmAKing's Lynn TownLeagueReport
Sat Jan 133:00pmHRedditch UnitedLeagueReport
Sat Jan 203:00pmHHerefordLeagueReport
Sat Jan 273:00pmAGosport BoroughLeagueReport
Sat Feb 33:00pmHKings LangleyLeagueReport
Sat Feb 103:00pmAChesham UnitedLeagueReport
Sat Feb 173:00pmAStratford TownLeagueReport
Sat Feb 243:00pmHDunstable TownLeagueReport
Sat Mar 33:00pmAKettering TownLeagueReport
Sat Mar 103:00pmHMerthyr TownLeagueReport
Sat Mar 173:00pmAHitchin TownLeagueReport
Sat Mar 243:00pmHRoyston TownLeagueReport
Sat Mar 313:00pmHSt. Neots TownLeagueReport
Mon Apr 23:00pmATiverton TownLeagueReport
Sat Apr 73:00pmHBishops StortfordLeagueReport
Sat Apr 143:00pmASt. Ives TownLeagueReport
Sat Apr 213:00pmHSlough TownLeagueReport
Sat Apr 283:00pmABiggleswade TownLeagueReport
TBCTBCHStratford TownLeagueReport

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